COVID-19 and Sabbath for Children

Easy at Home Sabbath School Ideas for 0-4 Year Olds

I’d say Sabbath is one of the hardest days for me as a parent. I want my little ones to be happily occupied with something that will draw their hearts up to Jesus, but routines are off and we are tired…. My guess, is that most of you are now stuck at home which means you aren’t able to fill the first half of the day with church and, most importantly for the little ones; Sabbath School. I’ve seen plenty of options for adults for Sabbath, but I haven’t seen anything geared towards 0-4 year olds. That’s why I want to share with you a few ideas for making your own little program at home. 

First, remember that your little one/ones don’t mind things simple or makeshift, in fact, sometimes it’s more fun that way.

Second, I suggest you pick a theme you are familiar with; The Creation story, Noah’s ark, Heaven, etc. A springtime theme would also be fun although it takes a little more thought than a story that has an automatic order. Something that you are familiar with will help things flow a little better and will take less time to put together. 

My little girl likes to have friends at sabbath school with her so sometimes we set her dolls or stuffed animals up on chairs beside her. She loves the company. Of course if Daddy is home he’s a great one to have at Sabbath School as well. 😉 

Third, if there is something that is a favorite in your usual Sabbath School try and work it in. We always start our Sabbath School off with little mirrors and sing “Who has Come to Sabbath School”. Most of us have a handheld mirror that could be used for this. If you don’t want to sing, just holding the mirror and talking about who is there and welcoming them will bring back Sabbath School memories and help keep things more “normal” for them. (I would encourage you to sing even if you don’t sing well as your little one doesn’t likely care and it makes it so fun for them) Offering time is another favorite. Some change and a little jar or another container will do the trick and if you can remember the song you use at Sabbath School that’s even better! Also, tick-tock sticks are something that I think are used universally. Pencils, wooden spoons, etc., make great tick-tock sticks. 

Here is a sample program so you can see how I would put it together. I have modified it to work better at home. Of course there is nothing that says it needs to be a certain way so be creative and do what works for your family’s needs.

Open Sabbath School with “Who has Come to Sabbath School”

Prop: mirror

Sing: “Who has Come to Sabbath School”

Then encourage your little one/ones that we like to be on time for our sabbath school so we don’t miss and tell them they did great! 

Prop: tick-tock sticks (aka pencils, wooden spoons)

Sing: “This Is What the Clock Says” (insert whatever song you know)

Say to child/children: Jesus gave us a special gift! Would you like to see/hold it? It is the Bible!

Prop: Bible or other books to hold

Sing: “I Open my Bible Carefully” or “The B I B L E” (if you don’t know a song you can just talk about it)

Say to child/children: There are lots of stories about Jesus in the Bible. I will tell you one now!

If your child has studied a Bible lesson during the week you could show them the pictures and read the lesson again. Or you could pick your favorite Bible storybook and tell them a story.

Offering time – Jesus gave us a special gift and we get to give Him a little gift too! 

Prop: offering container(jar, basket, bowl, etc.

I find if it makes noise when it goes in or if it goes into a small hole it is more interesting for them.)

Sing: “I’m Glad I Brought my Offering” (or a song you know)

Theme: Noah’s ark 

God made our world good

Later God saw that the people and animals were wicked

God decided to send a flood to wash the world clean again

God saw Noah and that Noah loved God

God told Noah to build a boat (use a box or laundry basket)

Noah obeyed.

Prop: tools, paint brushes (child can pretend to build with a tool or pretend to paint the ark with pitch)

Sing: “Who Built the Ark?”

God told Noah to get food – Noah obeyed

Prop: plastic food or real food for child to “find” and gather into the boat

Time for the animals to enter the ark

Prop: stuffed animals 

Angels brought the animals from the forests and valleys into the ark and the animals obeyed

Sing: “Animals, Animals”

It was time for the people to get into the boat

Noah warned the people one last time but they didn’t believe and didn’t obey – so sad

Noah and his family obeyed though! (We want to always obey too. It helps us to stay safe)

An angel came and shut the door

Say to child/children: Would you want to get into the boat? Would you like an ark ride now?

Prop: sturdy blanket (you may also need to have another adult help you with this one)

Have child lay on the blanket and swing them gently back and forth while singing: “Who’s in the Ark”

Rain started to fall 

Prop: spray bottle and umbrella (spray umbrella for child to hear the rain on the “roof” or spray child’s hands to feel the rain)

Sing: “The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came up” (change “the house on the sand went flat” to “the boat on the water stayed safe”)

Say to the children: Who kept the boat safe? – Angels 

Jesus sends angels to keep us safe too! 

Prop: wave arms like you are flying

Sing: “Jesus Sends the Angels” 

Noah sent out a bird

The bird came back to the ark – it wasn’t time to come out of the ark

The bird came back with a leaf – Noah knew it would soon be time

Prop: leaf

The bird didn’t return

An angel opened the door of the ark

Noah and the animals came out

Noah thanked God for keeping them safe and God sent a rainbow

Sing: “Who Made the Beautiful Rainbow?”

Craft  (if child is old enough) 

Here are some ideas: rainbow streamers, clouds with rain, bird with leaf, coloring page, etc. Pinterest is always a great place to look for craft ideas.

Sing: “Goodbye Song” or just pray to thank Jesus for Sabbath and your nice time together 

Obviously, you can add or subtract from this program. This is only a sample to help you come up with some ideas. The most important thing to remember is to smile at your child while you teach them and to pray that the Lord will bless your efforts for your little one. I know He will. 

Well, that is all for today!

Here is a printable PDF of the program and a list of things you will need

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